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Discover the most efficient method for vital nutrient delivery.

These microscopic lipid “bubbles” encase vital nutrients to protect them from breaking down in your digestive system and effectively deliver the nutrients to the cells. This liposomal delivery process bypasses multiple digestive challenges many face today to provide critical and powerful nourishment for our bodies.

Revii uses Phosphatidylcholine liposomes to deliver these vital nutrients: Glutathione, Curcumin, Omega 3’s, Vitamin C, and critical B vitamins.

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Design of a Liposome

A liposome is a spherical vesicle having a lipid bilayer composed of phospholipids. Liposomes are used as a vehicle to disrupt biological membranes and deliver nutrients at the cellular level.

How Does a Liposome Protect Nutrient Delivery to a Cell?

A liposome has an aqueous solution core surrounded by a hydrophobic (water-repelling) membrane, in the form of a lipid bilayer. Hydrophilic (water-loving) solutes dissolved in the core cannot readily pass through the bilayer. Hydrophobic chemicals associate with the bilayer. A liposome can be loaded with hydrophobic and/or and hydrophilic molecules. To deliver the molecules to a site of action, the lipid bilayer can fuse with other bilayers such as the cell membrane, thus delivering the liposome contents directly to the cell.

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Liposomal Supplements Use Phospholipids Suitable for Making Liposomes

The natural encapsulation nutrients, within liposomes, creates a very effective delivery method of bypassing certain elements of the gastric system and aiding the encapsulated nutrient to be delivered directly to the cell.

In order to make strong, stable liposomes that can encapsulate nutrients and not “break apart” too easily, it is important to use Phospholipids from highly-refined sources that have a natural mix of phospholipids, including a high percentage of Phosphatidylcholine (Non-GMO, sunflower lecithin).

Revii offers the following liposomal products designed with the most efficient way to receive vital nutrients, including DHA, Curcumin, Resveratrol, Astragalus Extract, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Folate, NAC, and Apple Stem Cells:

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